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Getting Benefits from Your Individual Disability Insurance

It is always important to have disability insurance coverage, even if your employer does not offer it. These policies are meant to protect you should you suffer an injury that temporarily or permanently disables you. But sometimes, the insurance companies do not want to pay benefits. When this occurs, you need a legal team to fight for the benefits you deserve. The Law Office Of Talia Ravis, PA can help you do just that by representing you if your disability claim is denied. Our lead attorney, Ms. Ravis, has almost two decades of experience as a disability insurance lawyer and understands how insurance companies work. Please reach out to us today for additional information about how we can help with your disability insurance claim.

The Benefits of Individual Disability Insurance

Individual disability insurance coverage is private insurance from an agent or a broker. It is used to protect you if you become unable to work on a short- or long-term basis. If you pay the premiums on this policy, you should receive benefits tax-free. Because this type of policy is purchased independently, it is common for self-employed or contracted workers to hold personal disability insurance and may also be necessary for additional protection. Some of the most beneficial aspects of independent disability insurance include that it is:

Not Dependent on Your Job

Your disability insurance can follow you anywhere, even if you switch jobs. It is not dependent on you staying employed with the same company. Most of the time, as long as you pay the premiums, you will be eligible to receive benefits regardless of employment status.

Not Subject to Restrictions of ERISA

Most individual disability insurance policies are not subject to the complicated and continually changing federal litigation restrictions put in place by ERISA. This can help make it easier to redeem benefits.

Can Be Used to Supplement Employer-Sponsored Plans

For those who like to plan or be prepared for all possibilities, individual disability insurance can be a great way to supplement your existing employer-sponsored plan. Adding extra coverage will ensure that your income is supplemented if you can no longer work.

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Who Has Individual Disability Insurance?

Most often, those who are self-employed or contract workers purchase individual disability insurance to protect themselves. In addition, many high-earning professionals, such as attorneys, healthcare professionals, financial planners, accountants, and dentists, also purchase this type of coverage. Disability insurance can be broken down into short-term and long-term policies, allowing the policyholder to choose which type of coverage is best for them.

We Will Help You Receive Your Disability Benefits

If you currently hold individual disability insurance and your claim was recently denied, or if you would like assistance in the application or claim process, our team can help you fight for the benefits that you were promised. We have years of experience assisting Kansas and Missouri residents to stand up to the insurance company to get the benefits they deserve. Let our team help you. Please reach out to us today to discuss your case.

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